July 23, 2009

The Vegetable Sandwich

This recipe is for Liz, by special request.
Thank you to Courtney for introducing me to these.

Step 1: Cut up your fresh veggies. Whatever you like. (as long as it
is a vegetable. - sorry no bacon here.) Almost any veggie will work. Be sure to add the avocado, with it, you won't miss the cheese and meat. As a grown up, if you don't like some veggies, slice them super thin and put them on anyways, you won't know they are there - but your kids will and eventually they will eat it too, if they see you eating it.
We like spinach or lettuce, sprouts, carrots (grate or use your vegetable peeler to make thin slices,) cucumber, tomato, peppers -red yellow or green, avocado, onion, zuchinni (again with the vegetable peeler), and fresh herbs (cilantro or basil.) Try to get as many different colors as you can - then you will be getting a wider range of nutrients.

Step 2: Pick a sandwich spread --mayonaise, vegenaise, soy mayo substitute, pesto; spread it on a couple of slices of whole wheat bread. Layer on the veggies. Everyone gets to pick what they want on their sandwich. If they don't want it on their sandwich, they get to try it anyways-just one bite. Just make sure they have something to dip it in. Top off your sandwich with some salt and pepper, and a squeeze of lime.

Step 3: Eat it. yumm.

Then make another one and eat it too. Its ok, its just vegetables.

My girls really do actually eat this, they call it the "begetable sandwich". Its funny though because the vegetables they want usually changes each time we have it. And sometimes they want to pick their sandwich apart and eat it bit by bit seperately, thats ok too.

Also, we like veggies in a tortilla or pita with hummus. Delish!

Eat more fresh veggies! They supply your body with enzymes that help you digest your food, anti-oxidants to stop cancer causing free radicals, lots of vitamins and minerals, and fiber to maintain a healthy digestive system.

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Courtney said...

Love it! So glad you posted this, I kept meaning to and never did. I love the wraps with hummus, too!