April 29, 2008

All About Wheat

Why Store Wheat?
Wheat is one of the most versatile and nutritious foods you can store and it also stores the longest –Making it a perfect staple for your long term food storage. However, if you do no experience with wheat, and have no intentions on learning, then it would be a waste of your money to buy wheat. If you want to learn, good news! It’s easy to get started using wheat! Wheat can be eaten whole, ground into flour, popped, and sprouted. If you are storing wheat, make sure you have wheat grinder. A good hand wheat grinder will cost around $60. An electric wheat grinder ranges from $159 to $300+.

How Much to Store?
For a one year supply, it is suggested that you store 300 lbs of grains per adult. It is also suggested that 150 lbs of this should be wheat. You can include other grains such as oats, cornmeal, barley, rice and pasta to make up the other 150 lbs. As usual, store what you and your family like to eat.

How long will it last?
When properly stored in an oxygen free container, wheat will last 30+ years. (see the beginning of this section for the effects of time on the taste and nutrition quality of food) Flour will store for 3-5 years.

How to store?
For best results, store wheat or flour in tightly sealed plastic or metal containers. Keep in a cool dry place. Do not store directly on concrete floor or near any moisture. To guard against hatching of insect eggs, treat with dry ice: On top of an almost full five gallon container, place ¼ lb dry ice on a piece of craft paper (not to touch food.) Press lid down gently so some air can escape. After about 20 to 30 min, check to see if the dry ice has completely evaporated, remove material and seal container.

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