May 14, 2008

Homemade Yogurt

Homemade yogurt is easy, I promise! Better for you - because you control the ingredients, and cheaper than what you can get at the store. I found the recipe here and I followed it exactly. This is a website I found earlier this week, and I love it! She has some great ideas about food storage and healthy eating. There is a video of how to make yogurt. So it is super easy.
I will say one thing about the cooler she has. I didn't want to buy another cooler so I used one of my smaller coolers for this. It only fit 3 jars. So I put the three in and wrapped them up with a fleece blanket just like she showed. I wrapped the other one up in warm towels and put it on my counter in a warm spot. The yogurt in the cooler was really thick and creamy and still warm when I pulled it out 9 hours later. The one on the counter, was not very thick, and not very creamy, and cold when it was all over. So I am probably going to look for one of the styrofoam coolers that will fit all four jars - so all my yogurt turns out right.

It was cheap too, it cost me less than half for more than double the amount of yogurt that I ususally buy. - less than $1.50 for 4 pints (8 cups) of yogurt. (because milk was on sale - if you were paying $3/gallon, it would still cost less than $2)


Kim Tolboe said...

Hi Ladies!
I want to make yogurt, but with coconut milk. I tried your recipe with the following subsitutions: Instead of powered milk, I used a non-dairy powered drink called Dari-free. I used a small container of coconut yogurt for the starter and coconut milk instead of cows milk. The batch didn't set. Any ideas of what I can do to get it to set?
Kim Tolboe

Heidi said...

This looked like the best advice I could find.
I haven't made coconut yogurt, but check the ingredients on your coconut yogurt you used as the starter. See what they are using to make it thick and see if that helps. The comments on the above link also had some other ideas for a dairy free starter. I hope that helps at least add a little direction. Good luch and way to go for trying! I also know you can buy powdered coconut milk.